The Meat

Meat continues to play a big and enjoyable part of our regular diet, especially Scotch beef, Scotch lamb, Specially Selected pork & poultry are very popular and renowned for their flavour.

While our skills and experience at Saunderson’s butcher’s shop in Edinburgh help you buy
your meat with confidence, our locally sourced high quality meat makes sure you get to
make the best of every meal.

Our Beef

We buy our Scotch Beef (young heifers) from the Scottish Borders at Harrison & Hetherington Auction Mart in Newton St.Boswells.

It is always hung for a minimum of 21 days and is fully traceable. Check out our posters in the shop to find out where our current batch has come from.

Our Lamb

Coming from the same source as our Scotch Beef, Harrison & Hetherington Auction Mart in the Scottish Borders, our Scotch lamb provides the best cuts and flavours Scotland has to offer.

Our Pork

Our free range pigs come from Tom Wilkinson’s Woodfoot farm at Stobbs near Hawick in the Scottish Borders.

His pigs are outdoor bred and enjoy a well balanced diet which ensures their great flavour.

Cuts of meat

Our meat gets freshly cut and prepared every day by our butchers in the shop. If you’d like to find out more about the different cuts of meat we provide, check out the guides below or simply drop by the shop: