The head of the pig is rarely used these days but it is a fine base for soups and stocks. The most common use of the head is for making brawn when boiled with herbs and seasoning.

Spare Rib

Spare rib is the meat than is left when the chops have been removed. Spare rib can be inexpensive as there is a large proportion of bone but when marinated and frilled or barbecued it makes a fine piece of meat. The spare rib can be sold whole and roasted in the same way as a rack of lamb.


The hand of pork is a traditional roasting joint from the foreleg of the animal. The meat is often cured on the bone to make ham or turned into tasty sausages. Alternatively the meat can be cubed for casseroles.

Hock & Fore Foot

The hock of the pig is an inexpensive cut of pork which is usually smoked. The hock and fore foot must be cooked slowly and kept moist but goes well in soups and stews.


The pork loin from the back of the animal provides several cuts of meat. The loin provides pork chops and can also be used as a good quality roasting joint. As with many joints it can be boned and rolled ready for stuffing as well as roasted on the bone. The loin also provides a good range of bacon from lean to streaky.


Belly pork is one of the least expensive cuts of pork as it has a relatively high fat content. Strips of belly pork are good for the barbecue or go well in a casserole when cut into cubes. Large belly joints can be slow roasted with a fine crackling and bacon is also produced from the belly.


The chump of the animal is a mid-range piece of pork which is usually sold as either chops or steaks suitable for the grill or the frying pan. The chump can also be bought as a small roasting joint.


Sirloin is a undoubtedly a prime cut of beef. The sirloin, from the centre of the back, can be sold as a full joint or as prime steak. Sold as a joint the sirloin is available either on the bone or boned and rolled. Either way it forms an excellent roasting meat. Sirloin steak are particularly tender and very tolerant of high temperatures. The sirloin is one of the more expensive cuts of beef.


The leg of pork is the prime cut of pork. It makes an excellent roasting meat although it can also be cut as steaks or stripped and used as stir-fry meat. High-quality bacon is produced from the leg and the meat can be cured and turned into ham. 

Hind Foot

The hind foot or trotter is no longer popular in Britain having fallen out of favour. The meat is suitable for slow cooking to maintain moisture.