Christmas and New Year 2019 at Saunderson's

Rolled Gigot Pork

Rolled Gigot Pork

The ideal roasting joint - cut from the leg, tied and rolled to create a brilliant, yet affordable, roast pork and crackling. Served with seasonal vegetables, the boneless succulent meat and thin layer of fat coupled with a sweet glaze makes for perfect and evenly cooked succulent pork.

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Weight Price
1 kg £11.90
1.5 kg £17.85
2 kg £23.80
2.5 kg £29.75
4 kg £45.32
5 kg £56.65

Cooking tips

Gigot – bone in or boneless – Roast –180c, 350f or gas mark 4. Medium – 30 minutes per 450g (lb) plus 30 minutes. Well done – 35 minutes per 450g (lb) plus 35 minutes.
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