Christmas and New Year 2019 at Saunderson's

Rolled Topside

Lean and tender, this rolled topside of beef is deliciously, mouth-wateringly moist. The ideal accompaniment to roasted vegetables and carefully cooked potatoes, it is certain to impress once plated up and has already been de-boned to make preparation easier. Why not add it to your basket today for a meal you’re sure to remember?

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Weight Price
1 kg £15.80
1.5 kg £23.70
2 kg £31.60
2.5 kg £39.50

Cooking tips

Topside – Roast - 180c, 350f or gas mark 4. Rare – 20 minutes per 450g (lb) plus 20 minutes. Medium – 25 minutes per 450g (lb) plus 25 minutes. Well done – 30 minutes per 450g (lb) plus 30 minutes.
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