Christmas and New Year 2019 at Saunderson's

Rolled Silverside

One of the most delicious of the roasting joints, silverside is cut just above the leg, from the hindquarter, and is often slow-cooked. Our joints are lean, tender and flavoursome, and hung for at least three weeks on the bone to mature. They’re also rolled with basting fat, so they don’t dry out while cooking. Roast for a traditional Sunday meal or pot roast, and let stand for 20 minutes before serving.

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Weight Price
1 kg £15.80
1.5 kg £23.70
2 kg £31.60
2.5 kg £39.50

Cooking tips

Silverside – Roast - 180c, 350f or gas mark 4.
Rare – 20 minutes per 450g (lb) plus 20 minutes.
Medium – 25 minutes per 450g (lb) plus 25 minutes.
Well done – 30 minutes per 450g (lb) plus 30 minutes.
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