Christmas and New Year 2019 at Saunderson's

Fillet Steak

Fillet Steak

Indulge in what is renowned worldwide as one of the most prized cuts of beef money can buy. This prime fillet steak is authentic Scottish produce, sourced locally and matured for a minimum of 21 days on the bone - leaving you with an incredible flavour.

It also has the advantage of being an extremely lean cut of meat - leaving you with no waste - without compromising on tenderness. Our fillet steak is perfect for classic evening dishes such as a beef stroganoff or for a delicious steak sandwich and cooks perfectly in just minutes, however you like it done.

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Weight Price
180g £9.62
225g £12.00

Cooking tips

For best results we recommend cooking your Fillet Steaks either in a pre heated very hot pan or under a grill.

Excellent when cooked in a knob of butter with plenty of seasoning.

Use the cooking times below as a guideline:
Rare – 3/4 minutes each side.
Medium – 4/5 minutes each side.
Well done – 6/7 minutes each side.
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